Thursday, November 24, 2011


We entered the Mission Training center on Monday, November 14, 2011.  When we pulled up to the parking area we were told we were "overage", meaning, there were too many senior couples staying at the MTC, we were assigned to the downtown Marriot!  We were a little disappointed, we wanted to have the full "Mission Home" experience.  As it turned out, it wasn't to bad having a little TV a night! 

Each day at the MTC was filled with talks, role play, instruction, studying out of Preach My Gospel, eating, and taking breaks (they are really nice to the seniors, we had a break about every hour and a half).  We loved being around all the young missionaries, they were so enthusiastic, kind and so  respectful. One day 700 new missionaries came into the MTC, it looked an army of ants!

Since we had to leave the MTC at the end of the day, we didn't always return for dinner.  We were able to meet my friend Nora Nyland at a great little Italian restaurant.  It was so fun catching up with here.  We have know each other since 6th grade, but she moved to KC, MO while we were in high school.  She is a professor now at BYU.

I would have to say a highlight of the MTC was attending a devotional Tuesday night.  Tad Callister was the speaker.  His talk was on the apostasy.  It was such a great talk, the next day we went to the book store and just happened to see his book titled, what else?! "The Inevitable Apostasy".  We had to buy it. He never even mentioned the night before that he had written this book.

We left the MTC Friday afternoon.  We met Colette, Wayne and Stella at McDonald's to say another good-by, then hurried home.  Finished packing and got ready to leave the next day.  

  Sister Hale was our trainer.  She did a really great job!  We really enjoyed her, she was so helpful and positive.  She had such a great testimony.  She really made us feel like we could do this . . . that we could be missionaries!

This was our "District".  We spent the week with this group, studying and role playing.  Two couples were going to Ohio and the other couple to New Zealand.

Picture of our car packed, ready to go!

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