Sunday, July 29, 2012

Missouri Genealogy Library

 May 31, 2012

Missouri has a huge genealogy library.  We have two couples and two senior sisters who are serving there, so we thought we would see what they were doing.  In the back of our minds we thought maybe on our down days we could go there and be of some help (we always have such good intentions!).  We found our missionaries in a remote corner of the library.  The church had brought in some great equipment so the missionaries could photo copy all of the county voting registrations.  It was pretty amazing to watch them, even more amazing to think they could do this day after day after day!  When we left, Jerry said IF he was ever asked to do that, "he would shoot himself!"  Just kidding I am sure!

Elder and Sister Hoskisson were called here just to copy the county records.  Once they finished, they were assigned to another area to do the same thing.   They were the couple that helped us the most at the Temple Open House, they left the library and came for a couple of hours some afternoons so we could have some lunch and rest a little.  They loved getting away and we were grateful for a little break!

Harry Truman and his wife Margaret, and their address - written by a recorder.

Their own signatures!

Notice the Smith names.

Once they finish photoing the book, they destroy it.
 Elders Hoskisson had saved this one because of the Smith signatures,
 thinking it might be of some historical value to the church,
 or at least to the Joseph Smith foundation. 

Elder and Sister Hoskisson and Sister Piper standing by some of the equipment.
 They don't wear missionary clothing
 or their missionary badges while serving in this library.
  They are not proselyting, the county would rather
 they din't look like they belonged to any kind of religious organization.  

It is a beautiful building!  And Huge!
There were several people inside doing research.   Makes one wonder if
they know about the great resources our church has to offer!

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