Monday, January 16, 2012

Driving to the Mission Journey

The night before we were planning on leaving for Missouri, a snow storm hit Utah and Wyoming. We got up Saturday morning and decided to wait. Especially since our mission President said we didn't need to arrive until after Thanksgiving. There is nothing worse than driving through Wyoming during a storm. We had it all planned out to drive to Denver Saturday night. Stay with our friends the Zenger's, spend Sunday, then continue the trip on Monday. When we called Lynn and Linda to let them know, they talked us into taking I-70, avoiding the snow, it takes a little longer, but much safer. We hurried and threw everything in the car and took off around 11:00. Linda had planned a big party for us Sunday night, neither one of us wanted to cancel it!

Sunday evening we had a great party! Linda is an amazing cook! Grilled salmon, a delicious green salad, and creamy potatoes (what else would you call sliced potatoes, chopped onions and whipping cream all baked)? They were delicious!!!

It was so great seeing our friends in Colorado. We have known Lynn and Linda Zenger and Mark and Marilee Wehde since about 1985. Kevin and Sylvia Wilkinson were our good friends when we lived in Bloomington. Sylvia and Linda are also sisters. We meet Vance and Zoanne Yoshikawa through State Farm. Our paths have crossed for several years now. They have such a nice family, it has been fun watching their kids grow up. One of the great blessings we have had through living in different states has been the really wonderful friends we have made in each state we have lived.

Once we were in Denver, we left our car and flew to Midland Texas to have Thanksgiving with Shaunna and Ryan and the kids. That flight turned into an adventure! We had a 3 hour lay over in Albuquerque. Just before we were to take off for Midland, the flight was cancelled due to fog. So we were diverted to Lubbock. It was delayed because of the fog. We finally took off. A short 45 minute flight turned into an hour and a half. We had to circle until the fog lifted. I don't know how the pilot managed to find a little hole in that patch of fog, but he did! Meanwhile, Ryan left Midland to make the two hour drive to pick us up - in the fog. What a guy! The hard time getting there was worth it! We had a wonderful time and a really great Thanksgiving! Shaunna had two other families over. The food was amazing. Shaunna is a great little cook, everything she makes is great! We probably could have fed an army! Her friend Aliza brought a deep fried turkey. It was the best!

The hardest part of going to Midland was saying good bye. Our flight was early in the morning, we kissed all the kids at night and thought it would be an easy get away. We were just walking out the door in the morning when Emme came out of her room, tears streaming down her face. I don't know how she woke up. Just about ripped our hearts out.

When we got back to Denver, we picked up our car from Yoshikawa's (they kept it in their garage for us) and continued our drive to Missouri. We spent Friday night in Salina, then drove about three hours on Saturday, arriving at the mission home a little after one. We ended up staying at the mission home for a few days since there wasn't an apartment ready for us when we got there, so we looked at two of them later that day. Picked the one closest to the temple, it just happened to have the most kitchen counter space!

Saturday night we went to a Christmas devotional at the Independence Visitors Center.

Sunday we found out that we would not be able to move into our apartment until Wednesday. Meanwhile, we got to find out what it would be like to be a Mission President and a misssion presidents wife. We pretty much shadowed President and Sister Keys for the next few days. WOW! Pretty sure they might be the busiest people in the church!

Jerry and President Keyes both served in the Central State Mission 42 years ago. Jerry was President Keye's Zone leader and both served as AP at different times. Jerry was out a year before President Keyes. They have been friends and have kept in touch all these years. It was nice being able to get to know them a little better by staying with them for a few days.

Sunday morning we had a meeting with Pres. Keyes. He pretty much outlined our responsibilities for the next few months. Then we went to the Platte Woods Ward where Pres. Keyes spoke. Then we drove to the new stake center next to the New Kansas City Temple. There we met with President Morgan, President of the Liberty MO Stake. He was great! So nice and so personable. At the time, we thought he would be in charge of the temple committee and that we would be working together. We were excited! He grew up a member of the reorganized church. It was amazing hearing his conversion story.

Since we couldn't move into our own place and our temple PR job is not quite outlined, President Keyes asked us to visit church sites in the area and become real familiar with the history. Sounded good to us!

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