Wednesday, August 29, 2012

They Just Keep Arriving!

August 15, 2012

We love it when we get to pick up missionaries arriving from the MTC.  We are so glad we bought a van!  It has been most useful!  Then sometimes a visa waiter need a ride to the airport, they usually spend the night, then we take them in the morning, it is all so great!

Do they look happy!
We always stop at the temple first and take a few pictures so
the missionaries can document the day!  Sister Keyes packs a nice lunch
 for everyone, they are starving after being on a flight all morning.
 We eat in the car and hurry to the Liberty Jail for the next part of the tour!
After they have seen the temple, Liberty Jail and the VC, they go to
 the mission home where they receive all their instructions from the
 office staff - cars rules, medical info, financial issues, etc. . .  
After this meeting, they have a great dinner Sister Keys has made (sometimes I help!),
 then President Keyes interviews all the missionaries.  They find out where they will be assigned,
 they spend the night, then the transfer bus picks them up in the morning. 

A really nice Visa waiter - can't remember where he went!
We wait at the airport until the missionary is on the plane and we know it is going to take off.

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