Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zone Leader Council

August 2, 2012

If you are a young man planning on a mission, I would recommend being a Zone Leader.  They have a council meeting with the Mission President once a month.  This is what their day is like: meet at the mission home at 8:30 (those traveling spend the night), of course they still get up early enough to excersize, study and get ready.  Once there, they have a nice breakfast of yogurt, bagels, cereal, donuts, fruit, orange juice, chocolate milk, and regular milk.  They have a meeting until 10:30.  Then they get about a 15 minute break.  Sister Keyes has little smokies in barbecue sauce, cheese and crackers, fruit, and vegetables and dip.  They go back into the meeting.  Around 12:30, lunch is served.  Sometimes
Sister Keyes cooks for them, but quite often she orders sandwiches from a deli.  I think the Elders love Zone Council! . . . . Did I mention they are spiritually fed too?!!

Jerry usually has a part in the morning session.
I help Sister Keyes in the kitchen getting food on the table and cleaning up after.
  Sometimes I help with the cooking, I love it!
Elder Tubbs is the "Car Czar" he usually takes
 10 minutes or so to go over car issues.

The Elders love those little smokies!
(Elder Karpstein)

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