Friday, June 29, 2012

The Arabia Steamboat Shipwreck

 May 28, 2012

P Day!  We were invited to go to the Arabia Steamboat Museum with the Hardy's and Eddy's.  It was amazing!  Everyone needs to see the wonderful artifacts that are on display!  The steamboat sank about 1856.  Since then, the Missouri River has changed course.  So a farmer and his 3 sons decided to look for it. They pooled all their money together and began the search, having no idea what they were doing or what they would really find. They found the steamboat in a corn field!  Everything that was made of wood had to be frozen as soon as it was uncovered.  The story is fascinating!  The artifacts are beautiful and amazing!  By the way, no one lost there life, except one donkey!

Most of the clothes did not survive, they just fell apart as they were uncovered.
So all the buttons and beads were removed.  They were so beautiful and delicate!
This is just a small display of them, there are thousands!

Besides personal items, this was a ship carrying cargo that would
have filled a  early American WalMart.  Think massive inventory!

Most of the pottery that was recovered was in perfect condition.
Some still in its original packaging, beautiful pieces originating from England.

Jerry, Mary Eddy, Richard Eddy, President Hardy and Sister Hardy
This picture is in front of a section on the early saints traveling west.

The man's ring on the upper right side looks very
much like the wedding ring Joseph Smith wore.

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