Monday, June 4, 2012

Random Shots

The Open House ended on April 28, 2012.  It was nearly four weeks of getting up very early, staying up late, visiting with hundreds of guests, and woking side by side with some really wonderful people.  We have made friends that will last a lifetime.  We loved serving with our sister missionaries, they were so happy to be there and share their thoughts with the guests who had questions, they loved every minute of this temple experience.  We met many, many, wonderful, kind people.  So appreciative of the opportunity to see inside of a "Mormon" Temple.  It was a blessed time for people here in Missouri.  The memories will last us a lifetime!

All good things come to an end . . . .

The gentleman sitting is a member from Scotland,
 he brought his friend to see the temple. 

The weather was really so nice during the Open House,
just a couple of cold days and a few rainy days.
 It was worth it to get this beautiful rainbow! 

The artist, Michael Albrechtsen and his wife.
 He painted the Creation Room in the temple.

I happened upon this family just as their older brother announced his engagement.
It was such a happy moment!

This little cutie drew a special picture of the temple and
 asked us if we would give it to the Temple President.
We did!

What it takes to get ready for a week of dressing up!

Two cute kids!

Getting ready for the day!
How do you iron a table cloth, keep it from wrinkling and keep it from touching the floor? 

It takes at least five women!

What my bathroom looked like the morning after the sister  missionaries stayed with us!

The wait.
Fortunately this didn't happen too many times!

The return from the temple.

A quiet morning.

Anybody seen this look before?

Kicken' back and looking good!

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