Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Heart in the Heartland

May 5, 2012

The cultural celebration was held in downtown Kansas City at the Municipal Auditorium.  It was held the night before the Temple dedication.  President Monson would be there!  The missionaries were asked to sing "We'll Bring The World His Truth".  Our job was to make sure two hundred missionaries arrived on time, knew what to do and would make it to the auditorium on time.  We rented a room at the Marriott, about a block away from the auditorium.  Missionaries started arriving around 3:00.  The program started at 6:00.  The Zone Leaders went over early to learn what to do, they would lead the rest of us!  We made about 225 PB&J sandwiches and bought cookies . . . . our job was to just keep them from starving . . . . it was NOT gourmet!  President Keyes and the ZL came back around 4:30.  We had a meeting, explained everything they would be doing, practiced the song, then walked a block to the Municipal building.  It was an awesome sight seeing all of the missionaries walking down the street!

The missionaries sat in the highest section of the auditorium.  About 10 minutes before they were to perform, we all stood up and filed down the stairs.  Then they RAN to the bottom floor so they could line up to file in.  Jerry and I were the last down the stairs (can you tell we were sitting against the highest wall?)  By the time we made it down the stairs the missionaries were already out of sight, we could barely find them, let alone keep up!  It was a proud moment when they walked out onto the floor.  They faced President Monson and sang their hearts out!  They received a wonderful standing ovation.  I can tell you, it  was a glorious moment, many tears were shed.  A once in  lifetime experience for all!

While waiting for the missionaries to arrive at the hotel, I went down to the main floor to stand by the door.  I thought it would be helpful to direct the missionaries up the escalator.  While waiting, Sister Barnum and Sister Larsen came running in all excited.  They said "the prophet is coming, they told us not to make a scene".  So all three of stood there, acting causal, while the prophet walked in 20 feet away!  He turned to us and said "Howdy, Howdy".  We were speechless, we didn't dare move or say a thing, we were in such awe.  I wish now we had run over to shake his hand!

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