Friday, June 29, 2012

The Temple Run

May 19, 2012

We got up real early and put on our best outdoor missionary clothes and headed to the temple.  Last year our stake president organized a special "Temple Run".  The entire community was invited, all were asked to bring food items to donate to the "In As Much Ministry".  Then participate in a 5K run.  The run started from the church parking lot next to the temple, the runners ran/walked the 3 miles, then returned to the church.  It was a great success, many friends from other faiths participated, allowing them to see the construction of the new temple.  It was such a great event, they wanted to do it again this year.  Last year 50 missionaries were used as volunteer help.  This year we could only have about 10 of us officially, more showed up later on with their investigators.  It was so much fun.  Jerry and I helped out wherever we were needed.  I cut oranges in quarters with Sister Park and Sister Satterthwaite for the first hour.  Then we went to the half way marker and passed out water to the runners as they went by.  I think Jerry picked about 2,000 cups up off the ground.  A runner would come by, grab a cup of water, drink it as fast as possible, then throw the cup on the lawn.  We might suggests having a few garbage cans available next year!

After the 5K was over, they had all kinds of fresh fruit, drinks and Granola bars for everyone.  Special races for the kids and tee shirts with the temple on were sold.  It was really a great time, people came from all over, another wonderful way to bring attention to the beautiful Kansas City Missouri Temple!

Almost over . . . .

Time for the clean up!

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