Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friends Visit the Temple

 It was so fun and such a pleasant surprise to see friends from Utah here in Missouri!

The first friends that came were Brent and Natalie White from Plain City, unfortunately I didn't think to get a picture.  Sorry!

Brandon Peterson, Kit & Jerry, Mark Peterson
(Brandon is Mark's son, they both live in Plain City)
Mark and Jerry served in the YSA Bishopric together.

Kit & Jerry, Aaron and Candice Parr
 (Candice and Kit were VT companions when we served in the YSA Ward)
They were on their way to Nauvoo, so we were able
 to have them spend the night at our apartment.
It was so fun for us!

Jensen, Corinne, Briggs, Dean & Jack Parker
They drove from Lincoln, Nebraska, the very last day of the open House.
It was so great to see them!

Elder and Sister Jensen & Sister and President Eddy

President and Sister Eddy are serving in the Temple Presidency.  Their home is in
Utah.  The came to Missouri the middle of March and will serve for a year.  They live in our apartment complex!  They are such great people, we are so glad they are here!  They happened to come over to the open house while Corinne and Dean were here.  President and Sister Eddy asked if we had seen the bride's room while in the temple.  Neither of us had.  So they took Corinne and I and two sister missionaries on a private tour of the temple just so we could see the bride's room!

Elder Hansen & Elder Jensen
In 1970 these two served as assistants to the President together!

The Hansen's live in Denver, Colorado. 

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