Monday, May 14, 2012

The First Week

It was fun to learn how the church runs and be a part of an Open House for a new temple.  The first few days are reserved for special invited guests.  The very first day,  people who had actually helped with the construction of the temple and their families were invited.  People who live in neighborhoods near the temple were also invited.  It started at 4:00 and lasted until 9:00.  The next two days were filled with important people from the community, our stake President works for the Attorney General - so many state officials came!  Over 3,000 people were invited.  All of those who might be influential in business areas, government officials and leaders from other faiths.  On Friday night the governers from Kansas and Missouri were invited to a special dinner held in the cultural hall.  There were at least 50 or more in attendance that night.  The tables were set in fine China, the dinner was roast pork, scalloped potatoes, and spinach salad.  Fresh flowers on the table . . . .
The refreshments for the rest of the special guests were all catered and quite lovely!  All kinds of yummy appetizers!  

The singing Sisters!
Sister Kavea, Sister Payne, and Sister Van Camp,
Elder Jensen and Sister Hall

Part of the time, we had to stay in another room, no missionaries invited!
The sisters kept busy studying or singing.
(Sister Wright and Sister Copeland)

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