Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kanas City Missouri Temple Open House

April 4, 2012

The Open House begins!  April 4th -7th will be for special invited guests only.  Then the afternoon of the 7th, the public will be able to attend.  The sister missionaries will be the hosts in the cultural hall after people have their tour of the temple.  The sisters will answer any questions people may have and ask them to fill out a commit card.

All of the sister missionaries met today at 1:30 for a special meeting with Elder Walker who flew in from SLC.  He is in the first Quorum of the seventy, and the executive secretary of the temple committee.  Some of the sisters drove 5 hours to be here.  Elder Walker trained the sisters for about an hour.  Then we walked to the temple and had a special temple tour.  The sisters were thrilled!  Most of the missionaries had to return to their assignments.  Those that drove the furthest stayed.  The Open House was starting at 4:00.  They were going to do the first shift, spend the night, do the morning shift, then drive home around noon.  The plan was to have the sisters that had to drive a distance come once a week, spend the night, then return to their area.  The rest of the sisters rotated a shift every other day.  We have 42 sister missionaries  in our mission.

While at the temple we were able to gather all of the sisters together for a group photo.  This is a really rare opportunity!  That hardly ever happens in a mission.  They loved seeing each other!  Old companions were hugging.  Yet there were some who had never even met each other.  

 President and Sister Keyes are in the front, a few senior couples who helped with the driving,  Jerry and I on the end.
 The Sister missionaries are so great!  We love every one of them! 
The visiting 

President Keyes' message

Elder Jensen getting things ready . . . . .

 Waiting for Elder Walker!

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