Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Far West

After leaving Adam-ondi-Ahman we drove to Far West.  This used to be one of the largest Mormon settlements in Missouri.   All that remains here are the four corner stones of the temple site. The saints were driven out before the temple could be built.   

There were over 5,000 saints living in Far West at one time. Several important revelations were received while the prophet lived here, naming of the church, the command to build a temple in Far West, the instruction of the 12 Apostles to depart from the temple site and begin their missions in England and the law of tithing. (D&C 113-120)
There was much persecution and hostility while the saints lived here.  Governor Boggs issued the extermination order on October 27, 1838.  Three days later the Haun’s Mill massacre took place, the saints sought refuge in Far West.
Joseph and Hyrum both had sons born to them while they were living here.  Joseph F. Smith, Hyrum’s son, would become the 6th president of the church.
The prophet lived here less than 8 months. He was taken from Far West to Independence, then Richmond, and finally to Liberty jail.  

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