Friday, March 16, 2012

Zone Conference

December 13, 2011
My first Zone Conference ever.  I think Zone Conferences have changed a lot since Jerry was a missionary.  The Elders do a lot of the planning, setting up and making sure things run right.
We got there early and had a quick breakfast, bagels and juice.  Then the sisters met with Sister Keys for a lesson on charity.  The Elders with President Keyes.  Then a group meeting was held.  We had a lot of good missionary instruction.  Most of the day was spent in role playing.  We all met in groups of 6 and practiced being missionaries!
President Keyes called several missionaries up to bear their testimonies, including me . . . yes, I did it!
His focused his closing remarks on how to be happy on your mission.  BE worthy.  BE obedient.  BE anxiously engaged.  BE not weary in well doing.  BE prayerful. 

 December 18, 2011
We had a really nice Christmas Sacrament meeting.  For a small ward choir, they were really amazing!   There is a lot of talent in the North Kansas City ward.  We had dinner at the Tubb’s.  They are a senior missionary couple living and serving from our ward.  They serve in the mission office, she is a secretary, he is the "car czar".  They are a lovely sweet couple.  All the senior office staff and Pres. and Sister Keyes meet there once a month before the Liberty Jail devotional.   They are just nice enough to invite us along!  After we ate, we ran to the jail for the devotional.  Every month they have recent converts bear their testimonies.  It is amazing to see how the gospel can change lives.  We heard from a former drug addict, a former convict, two older women and one of their sons.  I hope they all stay strong.  President and Sister Keyes spoke also.

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