Friday, March 23, 2012

New Arrivals

January 18, 2012
We love it when we get to help with new arrivals.  We meet at the airport around 1:00.  They always come in at the same time. The church must have an “in” with the airline!  We pick up a car load of missionaries, then follow President & Sister Keyes with their car full of missionaries and the Assistants with the luggage and more missionaries.  Then they tour the church sites that are close to the mission home. . . . The new Kansas City Missouri Temple, the Eight Witnesses Monument, the Liberty Jail, and the Visitors Center.  It takes the rest of the day.  We then drop them off at the mission home for dinner and their interview with President Keyes.
We picked up Sunshine Wright’s little sister.  It will be fun having her here, we have been waiting!  She was actually in the Mission Training Center when we were there, but she is Spanish speaking, so she was there a lot longer than us! 
Sister Ho Ching, Sister Wright
Sister Richardson and Sister Lewis 
Sister Wright
Missionaries at the Eight Witnesses Monument 

Sister Jensen, Sister Wright and Elder Jensen
The missionaries get up really early to catch their flight,
I am sure they stay up really late the night before getting everything packed!

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