Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fort Scott

February 15, 2015
We drove to Fort Scott today to visit a missionary couple and give them the information about training the missionaries.  Fort Scott is actually out of our mission, it is just outside of Joplin.  Last summer Joplin was hit by a devastating tornado .  We were hoping to go all the way to Joplin so we could see what had happened, but it was not to be.

A fun fact about Fort Scott!  Remember the movie "Dancing With Wolves"?  Kevin Costner was assigned to Fort Scott after his bold brush with death.  You remember . . . . riding back and forth in front of the Confederate army . . . . but really an attempted suicide.  He left Fort Scott to go to the little "outpost" to live by himself and keep track of the Indians.  

We met this couple at Pizza Hut, we had lunch and visited, then went to their church and went over our information.  The church was pretty new.  It was small, a "stage" building, it can be added onto when needed.  It's one of those buildings that have one room that doubles as the chapel and the cultural hall.  They sit on padded folding chairs for Sacrament meeting, then just take them down when they need to use it as a cultural hall.  They said they had about 30 active members, they return home this summer and are worried the ward will not survive  when they leave.  She is serving as RS president.  He is the Elders Quorum  president , serves in the YM presidency and teaches early morning seminary.

 They were a very nice couple.  They had both lost their “eternal” companions.  But, they had all known each other and had been friends for years before their spouses died.  They said their children actually encouraged them to get married.  Together they have 15 children and 60 grandchildren to take care of.  No wonder they are serving a mission!  

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