Friday, March 16, 2012

Joseph & Emma Smith Descendants

 December 6, 2011
We had a very interesting day.  President Keyes has given us a very special assignment.  The church is making a special effort to invite the descendants of Joseph and Emma Smith to the open house of the Kansas City Temple.  We will be taking a special packet put together by the church, just for his descendants.  It contains a Book of Mormon.  “Our Search for Happiness” by Ballard, and a few pamphlets made just for them.  It comes in a box type envelope with their name printed on the front and a picture of Joseph and Emma on the front.  We feel so blessed to have this opportunity.  We should be receiving the first packet to deliver soon.
After seeing President Keyes, we visited the former RLDS Temple.  It is now known as the Community of Christ Church.  The people there were very friendly.  Anyone can go in.  We had a guided tour.  The first room we went in had large pictures all over the walls of their leaders and the different ordinances performed there.  I think three women were part of the twelve apostles.  One women was a member of their first presidency.  It showed women and men baptizing, giving blessings, passing the sacrament, etc.  They no loner use the Book of Mormon. They have a wooden crucifix in one room and a carved statue of the Savior on a wall in the hallway.  There main objective is to promote world peace.  They have a special prayer every day at 1:00 o’clock to pray for peace.  If anyone has a chance to visit, be sure to ask if you can go to the museum in the basement.  They have a  wonderful collection of Joseph and Emma’s belongings.  They even have the door to the Liberty Jail.  

Community of Christ Church

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