Thursday, March 22, 2012

Joseph and Emma Days

December 28, 2011
Another Joseph and Emma packet day.  We didn’t have a phone number for this lady, so we thought we would just drive over and take a chance.   We did have an address.  Turns out the address was wrong, there was not a house on that street with that number.  We went to the mission office to check a map, see if the street continued somewhere else.  We could’t find anything, so we decided to have lunch.  When we were done, Jerry was ready to go home and try another day.  I wanted to go back and just try the house with the closest number.  He said ok and we drove back.  We pulled up in the drive way just as a young women was knocking on the door.  Jerry got out of the car and told her who he was looking for, she said that’s me!  Another “tender mercy”!  We have decided there are no "Coincidences" when missionary work is involved.  This girl was about 21 years old.  She accepted the packet, but didn’t want to look at it or go through it with us.  When we found her, she was knocking on her cousins door, she said she didn’t have time right then to visit.  We did get her phone number and address.  She had just moved out of another Aunt and Uncle's and into an apartment of her own.  She agreed to talk another time.
December 30, 2011
Another Joseph Smith packet day.  This packet had an address and a phone number.  We found out this couple is the aunt and uncle of the last girl we saw.  The uncle being the descendent of Joseph and Emma.  So I thought I would try to set up an appointment so we could have time to visit.  When I called, his wife answered the phone, she didn’t even want to see us.  Said she is busy taking care of her aging mother, happy to be a Methodist, and didn’t really want to become a Book of Mormon scholar.  She is interested in being a part of the temple open house though.  We will see her eventually!

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