Friday, March 23, 2012


January 11, 2012
We drove to Lexington (Missouri, not Kentucky) .  Saw a Civil War site.  More murals and the site of the Sauldo Disaster, the boat that blew up on the Missouri River, killing about 26 pioneer Saints, who were migrating to Utah.
I just thought this was such a pretty house, I had to take a picture of it.
 It's at the Civil War battle site, it is know as the Anderson Home. It was captured and turned into a hospital.  There are bullet holes in some of the bricks.
This mural is on the side of a building in downtown Lexington.  It really is amazing, much larger than it looks!

Lafayettte County Courthouse
 Look at the pillar on the upper far left side,
 there is a cannonball from the Battle of Lexington imbedded in the post.

Veterans  Memorial

This bench was donated and placed at the Saluda site by a group of YW from Olathe, Kansas

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