Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lincoln, Nebraska

January 7, 2012
We went to one more temple session in the morning, then visited the Mormon Trail Museum and the grave sites of the early pioneers, the cemetery is right next to the temple.  We took pictures of the Angell family names on the memorial.  The statue of the mother and father looking into the grave of their infant breaks my heart.  I remember seeing it in 1979.  At that time all that was there was the cemetery and the statue.  Jerry said when he was here on his mission people of other faiths called the statue the “dark angel”.  Now there is a beautiful temple sitting right next to it!  It is a beautiful sacred area.  I thought it was interesting as we drove around, we found a large stone building, The Notre Dame Catholic Nunnery, just around the corner.    

Winter Quarters Temple

Pioneer Museum next to the Winter Quarters Temple

After our stay in Omaha, we drove about an hour to Lincoln, Nebraska.  We went to Dean and Corinne Parkers for a quick visit then out for pizza.  Jocelyn and Joe met us there.  We had a great time.  Cute families!  Good Pizza!
Corinne and Dean, Jensen, Jack, and Briggs

Joe, Jocelyn and Henry 

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