Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zone Leader Conference

February 1, 2012
Zone leader Conference.
President Keyes asked if Jerry would come to Zone Leader Conference and give the presentation to them, an abbreviated one.  They will all get to hear it again with there missionaries.

While the Elders were in the Zone Conference Elder Tubbs (the mission's "car czar") thought it would be funny to rearrange all of the Elders shoes.   Later he felt guilty!  So he spent the next 45 minutes trying to match the shoes back up!  You would be surprised at how the shoes all look alike!  That is why the shoes actually look lined up and in order here!

Later that day, we were able to meet with a descendant of Joseph Smith for an early dinner.   When we first dropped off her packet to her, she wasn’t interested in talking about it.  She is the one we found at her cousins house.  We waited several weeks, then I called to see if she would see us again.  She was very reluctant, said she is working two jobs and has no time to spare.  We visited on the phone for quiet a awhile, then she finally had a change of heart and said, “I guess I could see you tomorrow afternoon”.  We were so excited!  We had a really nice visit.  We learned more about her family and her "growing up" years.  She remembers attending the RLDS church as a child, she said her mom would drop her off for Sunday School, then sit in the car and read and wait for the meeting to get over.  She is on her own, she never knew her father, her mother has passed away, maybe her father too.  She had no brothers or sisters.  Her closest family was her aunt and uncle. 

When we talked on the phone she said she didn't even know what happened to her packet.  When we gave it to her she was in the process of moving, she was afraid she would't be able to find it.  But when we met she had it with her.  She had found it in the trunk of her car!  So we were able to explain the restoration to her.  We went through her “packet” with her and talked about everything that was in it,  we talked about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and bore our testimony to her.  Hopefully she will come to the temple open house and we will get to see her again.  She is really a sweet girl, we hope she is reading a little of the information we gave her.  

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