Thursday, March 22, 2012


January 6, 2012
We had to get permission to leave the mission field, but really wanted to go to the Winter Quarters Temple in Nebraska.  It has been slow.  Still waiting to find out what we will be  doing on this temple open house assignment.  Our first meeting isn’t until the 14th.  We left early, it is a three hour drive.  We went straight to the temple, had a really nice session.  Then went to the children’s Hospital in Omaha to see Molly and Dayne.  Molly was going to be there for two weeks, receiving treatment.  She was so sweet!  We had such a great time with her and Dayne.  Wish we could have seen the rest of the family.  Molly thought it was really funny that the kids at school thought she was in an auto accident and had lost her memory!  Before we left, she sang the song, “Gethsemane”.  She has a sweet, lovely voice and was happy to sing for us!

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