Friday, March 23, 2012

Temple Open House

January 14, 2012
Finally, the long awaited "Temple Open House" meeting.  Elder Donald Deshler is in charge, he is the Area Seventy.  What an amazing man!  (And his wife too!)  What an incredible responsibility he has!  It was a long meeting . . . . Pretty much all day!.  I have to say, putting together an open house takes an army!  It was  such a great meeting!  There are 14 committee members.  They will go out and put together sub committees.  The church has done this many times, thank goodness!  To help and assist - and make sure it is done right, they had three representatives there to help us and tell us what needs to be done.  Jerry and I have by far the easiest responsibility. (Especially since it is kind of a "added to" committee job!)  I don't think they have ever had a missionary couple serve on the committee before. The committee got a late start, holidays and all, everything will have to be done quickly.  The Open House will be April 7 - 21.  VIP tours starting on April 4th.  The cultural event  May 5th.  The Temple dedication May 6th.            

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