Friday, March 16, 2012

Joseph & Emma Descendent

December 10, 2011
Today was the first opportunity to visit a Joseph Smith descendent.  We were up and out of the apartment by 7:15.  We had 4 hour drive ahead of us.  The lady we were visiting lived in a little town called Jewell, but wanted to meet us in Concordia.  We were so happy we got to meet her!  We were working through a missionary couple serving there.  They knew her pretty well, so they were our “contact” couple.  They called and said she had moved to Denver a week ago, so we had missed her.  But Jerry decided to call her personally, she said she was coming back to town for the weekend and would be happy to see us.  The timing was perfect.  She was a really lovely person.  She was so grateful for the packet, she was really touched by it and so appreciative.  There was really a special feeling being with her, knowing she was a direct relative of Joseph and Emma.            

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