Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving In!

November 30, 2011
Still living at the mission home!
Zone Leader Council this morning!  Everyone takes off their shoes when they come to the mission home.  I loved these pictures of the sun shinning on the Elders shoes!

We left early in the morning and went to the Harry Truman Museum.  That was a great museum, one we would happily take visitors to so we could see it again ourselves.  While at the museum, we got a call saying we could move into our apartment.  We thought we would have time to run to Richmond first, so we drove through Lexington, hoping to see Richmond and be back in time.  Beautiful area, but the ride took too long, we had to just keep going until we reached home.   We met Elder McCulloch (the house Czar) around 4:00, signed papers and emptied our van.  We went back to the mission home to gather our suitcases and say good-bye to President and Sister Keyes.  We got back to our apartment around 8:00 and started setting up house! 
This mission has a storage unit.  It is located under a stake center near the mission office.  They call it the “Bat Cave”.  It has a dirt floor and concrete  walls.  That is where our couch and two chairs came from.  Who knows how long they had been in storage?!

I hate to admit what a snob I am.  But I really couldn’t sit on the couch.  There was no “cush” at all.  I am not sure if the holes were man made or mouse made!  The chairs were a little to smelly for me!  After scrubbing and “Febrezeing” them the best I could, we decided a year was a long time to not be comfortable.  We went to a furniture store and asked to see their “discount” corner, we bought the best, cheapest couch we could find .  When we leave, the mission will probably inherit a little better couch and chair!  (Wish we could have thrown the old one away, but Elder McCulloch said the young Elders won’t care!  Really?)   

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